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Home | Land of Arxox | Mars 2030 | War & Mythos | About Us

Home | Land of Arxox | Mars 2030 | War & Mythos | About Us

Mars 2030 | Advent RPG

Aboard the U.S.S. Armstrong, four crew members must survive a one way mission to Mars. Face procedurally generated outer space crisis using a heavily pixelated terminal green interface.

Monsters flood the night. Nature is in revolt. The Orc and the Gnoll pillage the country sides. War and savagery abound. Terror and magic lurk beyond every shadow. The Hero and the Fortress have never been more important for survival.

War & Mythos | Advent RPG

Explore the untamed world Arxox! Live out the life of a Dwarf, Elf, or Human peasant Hero. Brave the elements. Build a home. Face hords of Monsters. Free Captives. Cook. Fish. Master the Spell Runes of the Ancients and defeat a powerful Arch Villain.

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