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Also see Dark Ages: Wanderers Mod for crafting options.

Gather Materials

The easy way for all adventurers (with hands) to produce crafting tools from scratch.

  • Gather Rocks
  • Gather Wood
  • Gather Boulder

Make Tools

Made from gathered materials these tools are required for additional crafting.

  • Make Craft Hammer
  • Make Hand Pick
  • Make Mortar and Pestle

War Craft

Made from various materials typically using the craft hammer.

  • Make Kris Bone Dagger
  • Make Great Wooden Pitchfork
  • Make Thora Wooden Spear
  • Make Katana
  • Make Executioner's Sword
  • Make Light Mace
  • Make Sickle
  • Make Scythe
  • Make Wooden Shield
  • Make Bone Mask
  • Make Metal Mask
  • Craft Wood Mask
  • Craft Wood Breastplate
  • Craft Metal Breastplate

Make Firearms

Every adventurer with a battle axe and tools can craft an Arquebus with unlimited cartridges and ammo.

  • Make Arquebus Rifle
  • Make Lead Ammo
  • Make Silver Ammo

Mine and Smelt

Until adventurers can dig and mine in vanilla DF this is the way to collect materials for crafting.

  • Mine Brimstone Vein
  • Mine Lead Vein
  • Mine Silver Vein
  • Mine Gold Vein
  • Mine Platinum Vein
  • Smelt Bronze
  • Extract Ornamental Gem
  • Extract Semi-Precious Gem
  • Extract Precious Gem


Balms/Potions require Mortar and Pestle and semi-mega beast, mega-beast, and monster hearts.

  • Make Balm of War
  • Make Balm of Might
  • Make Balm of Regeneration
  • Make Abyssal Balm
  • Make Goblinsbane potion
  • Make Wolfsbane potion

Household Crafts

Household crafting requires both wood and battle axe.

  • Make Crown
  • Make Goblet
  • Make Wooden Crutch
  • Make Stone Crutch
  • Make Bucket
  • Make Barrel
  • Make Bin
  • Make Chest
  • Make Bed
  • Make Table
  • Make Chair
  • Make Cabinet
  • Make Coffin