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Dark Ages: War & Mythos | High Horror Fantasy Universe | Wiki

Dark Ages War & Mythos is a high horror RPG campaign setting created by the game developer GM-X. Currently it can only be experienced by playing two different mods. A copy of Dwarf Fortress and Skyrim SE are required to play. A longtime planned visual guidebook for War & Mythos is under development but no ETA.

If you have fun playing this mod and want to support development - you can view some fancy CGI and buy GM-X a cup of coffee here:

Dark Ages IV: War & Mythos (Dwarf Fortress)

Download & Forum:

Dark Ages is an add-on mod for Dwarf Fortress 40.X started in 2013 but released in 2014. It has had 40 major updates since 2014. Massive in scope it incorporates and revises features of many older mods with permission. Dark Ages uses select horror/survival themed elements of older mods - which are fixed, revised, and integrated into world generation and lore.

Hyper-Active-History mod DA:IV pushes the limit of history generation in vanilla Dwarf Fortress using advanced world parameters to produce the most complex horror fantasy worlds in gaming: Exhibit: A Exhibit: B Exhibit: C

1000's of hours of development have gone into this mod and big developments are planned for the Steam release of DF. The wiki will be under indefinite construction and not exhaustive.

Dark Isle: War & Mythos (Skyrim: SE)


Dark Isle is the most visual rendition of the War & Mythos setting to date. Be sure to carefully read Stag's book. In its pages you will find the clues to escape quickly and use the Dark Isle to mine silver at your leisure.

The easiest way to explore the Dark Isle is to purchase the house in Breezehome. You should also be level 50-70.

Dark Isle: Visualization -

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