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War & Mythos [Wiki]

War & Mythos is a fantasy survival horror setting created by There are [2] free mods that use War & Mythos lore currently. This Wiki is no where near exhaustive and will be under construction indefinitely.

Dark Ages III: War & Mythos

A Dwarf Fortress add-on mod 5-years in the making. Adds 2MB of plain text mods to DF vanilla and scores of pixel art tileset links and original artwork. The reason this Wiki was called for: Download Link

Races & Entities

Fortress Mode Buildings

Plants, Food, & Drinks

Adventure Classes

Domestic Animals

Greater Animals

Monsters & Night Creatures

Dragons Types


Vampire Strains

Adventure Mode Crafting

Spells, Secrets, and Curses

Dev Log

Dark Isle: War & Mythos

HD Game Play YouTube Video

A Skyrim SE add-on mod which introduces the horror setting in a stunning sandbox isle. Two smaller modules add spells, and four playable races for PC, PS4, and XB1: Download Link

We plan to update this mod well into the future. The Dark Isle is currently being expanded and a "Dark Ages" module is under development.

Stag Winters





Magical Items

Stag's Camp

Forsaken Mine

Forbidden Tomb

War & Mythos: Pathfinder Campaign Setting

(Under Development) A fantasy survival horror Pathfinder campaign setting. Expect deep lore, maps, monsters, and a guidebook format that non-gamers will enjoy reading. Release date: TBD.