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War & Mythos [Wiki]

War & Mythos is a fantasy survival horror setting created by There are [2] free mods that use War & Mythos lore currently.

Dark Ages III: War & Mythos

A Dwarf Fortress add-on mod 5-years in the making. Adds 2MB of plain text mods to DF vanilla and scores of pixel art tileset links and original artwork. The reason this Wiki was called for: Download Link

Races & Entities

Fortress Mode Buildings

Plants, Food, & Drinks

Adventure Classes

Domestic Animals

Greater Animals

Monsters & Night Creatures

Dragons Types


Vampire Strains

Adventure Mode Crafting

Spells, Secrets, and Curses

Dev Log

Dark Isle: War & Mythos

A Skyrim SE add-on mod which introduces the horror setting in a stunning sandbox isle. Two smaller modules add spells, and four playable races for PC, PS4, and XB1: Download Link

Stag Winters




Magical Items

Stag's Camp

Forsaken Mine

Forbidden Tomb

War & Mythos: Campaign Setting

(Under Development) A fantasy survival horror Pathfinder campaign setting. Release date TBD. We promise GM's our first adventure guidebook will scare both you and your player characters. Even people who don't play Pathfinder will be able to enjoy the lore and maps.